Pre-conference workshops are organized on November Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th. We offer several workshop topics. You can create your own workshop combo and choose a topic per day, in case you choose one-day workshop topics. Your registration for the workshop is for 2 days. Workshop tickets are not sold separately from conference tickets. Early bird ends on July 16th.

The ticket price includes the conference ticket, the 2 workshop days, food throughout all 4 days (breaks and lunches) and wifi. Get 20% off the global price for workshops and conference days with the combo ticket.

November, 14th& 15th (workshop value)
Combo, 20% off!
(workshop + conference)
Early bird 590€ 615€
Regular 690€ 751€
Late 790€ 887€

Workshop descriptions:

Mastering the Symfony Workflow Component

The Symfony framework recently welcomed a new standalone component called "Workflow". This functional module enables developers model flows that rule business objects states changes.

During this worshop, you'll discover the fundamental concepts (Petri nets, states machines, steps, transitions, etc.) that design the "Workflow" component architecture. Then, with practical exercises, you'll learn how to configure and describe your own custom "workflows" on your Symfony applications' business objects.

Lightning Fast Tests

One of the benefits of having an automated test suite is the feedback given when code is being changed. As the project grows, the test suite becomes slower and slower every day, until it’s so slow it stops being useful. Tests are disabled, skipped and finally removed. Huge part of the problem lies in getting the testing pyramid wrong and putting to much effort into wrong type of testing. Learn everything from writing good unit tests, through using test doubles (like stubs or mocks), to writing integration tests. Learn how to structure your project to benefit from a test-first design. Apply the right amount of testing on appropriate levels, write decoupled code, and run your tests in seconds, not hours. The result will look suspiciously close to the hexagonal architecture.

Symfony 4 Best Practices

Symfony 4 will be released at the end of November 2017 and will change the way you develop Web applications with Symfony. In this workshop, you'll discover the new recommended best practices promoted by the Symfony Core Team. You'll learn how to install third party packages with Symfony Flex, configure your application with environment variables or leverage the new dependency injection container features. And much more!

Event Sourcing & CQRS

Basic CQRS and Event Sourcing with Prooph are challenging if approached for the first time, and especially when it's done from scratch. During this workshop, Marco Pivetta (aka Ocramius), will help you installing, configuring and getting Prooph to run.

[SOLD OUT] Mastering OOD & Design Patterns

Object Oriented Design aka OOD is hard and not limited to designing just classes and interfaces. Indeed, OOD includes a wide variety of concepts such as objects, entities, value objects, services, design patterns, SOLID principles, object calisthenics, coupling, etc. Mastering OOD often requires several years for programers to master... This workshop will help you better understand all these concepts and techniques to write cleaner, more robust and more testable object oriented code. You'll learn how to make your code respect the SOLID principles. You'll also discover the techniques to reduce the complexity of your code as well as making your classes thinner and more focused. You'll also learn how to recognize and leverage the power of design patterns (factory, adapter, composite, decorator, mediator, strategy, etc.) in order to make your code flexible, extensible, unit testable and less fragile.

Getting Started with API Platform

API Plaftorm has become a very popular framework to build advanced and modern API-first web projects with Symfony. This tool will help you to ease the creation of your REST API web projects thanks to its powerful toolkit that includes the following features: support, linked data, data validation, pagination, filtering, sorting, etc.

Writing Modern JavaScript with Symfony & Webpack Encore

So, you want to write modern JavaScript or use a JavaScript framework? Great! In this workshop, we'll use the Webpack Encore library from Symfony to quickly bootstrap a sophisticated asset setup, complete with minification, SASS processing, automatic versioning, Babel support and *everything* you need to start writing great JavaScript quickly. We'll also learn about using JavaScript modules, how to bootstrap a framework (like React) and other important modern practices. Give your assets a huge boost with Webpack Encore!